16 Oct

Monday's Rip of Britain looked into dog walkers.

To be a dog walker or call yourself a dog trainer one doesn't need qualifications, experience, or even a basic knowledge of dog care. The industry is completely unregulated, which I find very worrying.

When you're hiring dog walker /trainer or a pet sitter please DO ask questions. I understand when at the first meeting a client says 'I trust you', and doesn't even glance at my documents. I know, by doing that, you are trying to make me feel comfortable.

Please don't. I am proud of my achievements, of my experience and knowledge. ASK QUESTIONS!
First meeting with your dog walker is usually the last one. From then on they'll have the keys to your house and access to everything you own, including your precious furry member of the family.

ASK QUESTIONS! First meeting is a job interview for your dog walker. Don't be afraid to ask how many dogs they walk, how do they match them, what is their background, how your dog will be transported, where they walk, what would they do if. Ask about their PROFESSIONAL experience. Check the police disclosure, check the insurance, pet 1st aid training, relevant qualifications, have a look in the vehicle. Have a look at their reviews, ask around, go through the photos.
Stalk them if you must πŸ˜Š
It's all for the safety of your pet! πŸ’πŸ•πŸΎπŸ‡πŸˆπŸ“

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