For the Puppy Playground, we take the dogs to our secure field for an hour of great fun with their friends. 

We count the dog's time with us from the moment we reach the destination and they are out of the van, meaning travelling time doesn't eat into the experience. In practice it means that for the Puppy Playground the dog is out of the house for around 1.5-3 hours.

 We cover Armadale, Whitburn, Blackridge, Harthill, and parts of Bathgate.

To join us the dog needs to be happy with other dogs, fully vaccinated with an additional Kennel Cough vaccination on the top of the usual ones, and be comfortable travelling.

Dogs travel in fully kitted out vans. The cages are made to measure and fully secure. They are also very comfortable for the dogs.

 You are welcome to have a look at them at any time.

We match dogs based on their personalities and play style, to make sure everyone gets a great experience.

Every day we upload photos, so you can see what your dogs have been up to. Please have a look at posts on our page.

To see more of the Puppy Playground adventures please head to 




£13.50 per session.