Asia (Joanna) Byars
Owner, Qualified Trainer & Animal Carer

IMDT Accredited Dog Trainer, UK Dog Behaviour and Training Charter, Pet Professional Network PgD Animal Psychology, MSc Zoo Conservation Biology, BSc Animal Husbandry: Horse breeding and riding, Diploma in Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals, Certified Horse Riding Instructor.

Fun fact: in Polish Asia is short for Joanna :) 

I have always wanted to work with animals and my dreams started to come true around the year 2000, when I got my first paid position as a stable hand and a trainee horse riding instructor. Soon after I have started working as a volunteer in a nearby animal shelter. 

I continued both of those roles, whilst working towards my BSc in Animal Husbandry with specialisation in Horse Breeding and Riding. During my studies I have also fully qualified as a horse riding instructor; and successfully completed a working placement in one of the biggest (and best) zoos in Poland, which sparked my interest in exotic animals.

From there I went to study PgD in Animal Psychology, followed by MSc in Zoo Conservation Biology at Plymouth University. I have also completed a Diploma in Management of Zoo and Aquarium Animals, and certification in Pets 1st Aid. Recently I went through a complex, two days long, dog trainer assessment by The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (you can learn more about this wonderful organisation here :, which I passed with Distinction.

By the time you are reading this I am probably working towards gaining some new skills :) I know there is always more to learn, not only from formal courses, but also from other animal owners and professionals, and no piece of information is too small. 

During my professional career I have worked in stables, pet shops, animal shelters and zoos. 

I have successfully managed and supervised an animal sanctuary and two zoological collections.

I have devoted my life to the welfare and care of animals. Now I`m hoping to use those skills to provide you and yours with exceptional service! :)