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What is Canine Hoopers? It's an absolutely amazing sport, suitable for nearly every dog and handler ✨️ Unlike in agility, the dogs don't need to be super fit. YOU don't have to be super fit. The obstacle course is made of hoops and tunnels to go through, and barrels to go round. No strain, no jumps, no crazy agility. It's a fabulous fun for owners and dogs alike. Even if you struggle with your mobility, the dog can be handled at a distance ❤️ It's amazing for bonding with your dog and having fun together. It gives you an opportunity to work as a team without any pressure. Although if you wanted to, there's many levels to go through, and many rosettes to gain in the way! 🏵 If you want to give it a shot book your Taster session now :)

  • Date: 02/03/2024 12:30 PM
  • Location Armadale, Bathgate, UK (Map)